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Latin American & Caribbean Studies Research Guide

How to find books, databases, primary sources, and other resources related to Latin America and the Caribbean, past and present.


India Yalateca, Luis Marquez Photographs/UH Special Collections

Latin American and Caribbean Studies encompass a wide variety of subjects, including history, politics, economics, languages, art, and music. This guide will help you find resources to enhance your research in all these areas. 

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

The LCSH helps you find related information on your topic. If you locate relevant books in a keyword search, try clicking on the subject links to find more resources on this subject. Here are just a few examples of subject headings related to Latin American & Caribbean Studies:

Art, Latin American

Caribbean Area

Historiography Latin America

Latin American Anthropology Periodicals

Latin America History 20th Century

Latin America Politics & Government 20th Century