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Modern & Classical Languages Resources


Hello and welcome to the Modern & Classical Languages research guide.  This online resource is your gateway to research tools, learning resources and fun tidbits associated with the study of language.  But keep in mind that studying a language is much more than conjugating verbs.  Language study often incorporates the history, culture, literature, business and politics of other countries.  With this wealth of knowledge, you will be able to open doors and increase opportunities to work in a variety of fields to which speaking another language can lead you.

Language Learning Databases

The UH Libraries now has access to a new language learning resource  - Pronunciator.  The new language-learning tools has interactive, self-paced full lessons, as well as shorter travel lessons for more than 80 languages.  You can supplement your learning with music, films and practice online with native speakers  Click the following image to begin your language study.



From now until June 2016, the UH Libraries has access to Mango Languages.  This language-learning database provides access to self-paced lessons for more than 60 languages.  There is also a mobile app for learning on-the-go.  Click the logo to begin conversing in the foreign language of your choice.


New Streaming Video Database

The UH Libraries now has access to Kanopy streaming videos.  This new resources contains collections of full length films across a variety of disciplines including those relevant to international language and culture studies.  From classic feature films to documentaries, you are sure to find a film that will supplement teaching and learning of foreign languages.  Click the following icon to start watching.


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