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What are Research Guides?

Research Guides are online tools created by librarians to help you get started with research. The guides on this page can help you identify the best resources and strategies for finding articles and other information sources for a specific subject or course.

Evaluating Sources

Using this Guide

Welcome!  This guide will help you learn how to evaluate a variety of information sources for academic writing. 

Understand Information Source Types

First you should become familiar with the types of information sources types that are available  before you can begin to evaluate what is acceptable in academic writing.

Criteria for Evaluation

Learn how to evaluate a variety of sources by applying a standard set of criteria.

Web Sources

We all know not all web sources are credible, but many are and can be used in academic writing when appropriate.  Learn how to know when and why.

Scholarly vs Popular Sources

Know the difference so that when your professor requires scholarly sources for a paper, you can be sure to find them!